Emerging Artists

SACMS is excited to be able to offer performance and scholarship opportunities to young local emerging artists. Each concert begins with a performance by an accomplished student musician from the St. Albert area. This gives up-and-coming performers valuable performing experience. Student performers receive an honorarium to encourage them to further their studies in music.

This season we welcome the following Emerging Artists: 

October 19, 2019 - Marina Tinga, piano

Marina Tinga is twelve years old, and has been involved in music for over half her life. She started piano when she was three and joined a competitive choir at the age of four. Marina is the youngest of four kids, and attends West Edmonton Christian School, where she has learned both ukulele and guitar in music class. In 2017, she played the role of ‘Little Cosette’ in Paul Kane High School’s production of Les Miserable, sparking her love for musical theatre. This past spring Marina had the opportunity to play the title character in her choir’s production of the musical Annie.


In her spare time, Marina likes to read, hang out with friends, and compose songs on the piano as well as composing lyrical songs on the ukulele. Her absolute favourite subject is Language Arts where she loves to write stories and poems. One of Marina’s dreams is to one day own a seven foot Steinway grand piano. When she grows up, Marina currently plans on either going into medicine or forensics but who knows, she is just 12 and those plans could change in the future.

November 23, 2019 - Dillan Couillard, cello

Dillan Couillard is twelve years old and has been playing the cello for about five years and, so far, is really enjoying it. He first became interested in playing the cello after a cello student came to stay with his family. He also enjoys playing guitar and the saxophone. When he’s not playing cello, he likes to read a lot of books, play a lot of video games, make model planes, and hang out with his brothers.

January 18, 2020 - Emily Dawkins & Xander Jacobs, violin

Emily Dawkins is an 18 year old student in her final year at Paul Kane High School. She has played the violin and piano since the age of 7. This is Emily’s fourth season playing with the Edmonton Youth Orchestra, this year as a first violinist in the Senior Orchestra. Emily is also a member of the Edmonton Firefighter Cadets and was a Rotary Youth Exchange student in Germany. Emily is an aspiring aerospace engineer and pilot. 


Xander Jacobs is a 17 year old student at Paul Kane High School, and currently studies violin under Neda Yamach. Xander played as the lead violin for Paul Kane High School's renditions of Phantom of the Opera in grade 11, and Les Miserables in grade 10. He is in his fourth year as a member of the Edmonton Youth Orchestra; currently, he plays in the second violin section of the senior orchestra. He teaches violin to beginner students and has a passion to work with children. Xander aspires to one day become a pediatrician and to never lose his love for violin.

March 22, 2020 -  Logan Lindstrom, double bass

Logan Lindstrom started playing double bass in grade 12 at Paul Kane High School because nobody else could or wanted to, but then took a liking to it, playing in the University of Alberta honour band for two years. His double bass teacher was Mr. Ioan Tetel. Logan joined the Edmonton Youth Orchestra and the University Symphony Orchestra, playing in these ensembles for 4 and 2 years respectively. Logan has also played in the Kiwanis festival and was nominated to provincials this past year.

May 2, 2020 - Kevin Yue, trumpet