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Emerging Artists

SACMS is excited to be able to offer performance and scholarship opportunities to young local emerging artists. Each concert begins with a performance by an accomplished student musician from the St. Albert area. This gives up-and-coming performers valuable performing experience. Student performers receive an honorarium to encourage them to further their studies in music.


This season we welcome the following Emerging Artists: 

Saturday, October 14, 2023 - Aishlinn Burndred, trumpet
Aishlinn Burndred.jpg

Aishlinn is twelve years old, in grade 7 at Ottewell Junior High and has been playing trumpet since kindergarten. Aishlinn had the opportunity to visit the Louis Armstrong museum in NY when she was 7 years old and since then, she has focused her playing on jazz music. Aishlinn also had the opportunity to attend Jazz Band MusiCamp at Red Deer Polytechnic the last two years, as the youngest participant. Aishlinn is also involved in musical theatre and competes competitively in gymnastics.

Sunday, November 26, 2023 - Aidan Lai & Mia Friedenthal, piano

This is Aidan and Mia’s fourth year playing piano together, although they’ve been friends since junior high.  Over the years, they’ve won several awards in the St. Albert Rotary Music Festival. Last year, they were honored to receive the Rose Bowl award as well as placing first in provincials.

Mia Friedenthal is in her first year at the University of Alberta studying to become a nurse practitioner one day.  She has been playing piano for 11 years and has had a love of music for her whole life. Besides piano, she has also sung in the Cantilon Choir program for 13 years. In her free time, Mia likes to hike or ski in the mountains and go to the gym.


Aidan is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Alberta and hopes to explore law studies after attaining his degree. Aside from studying piano since the age of six, Aidan has also had the honour of performing the violin in the Edmonton Youth Orchestra. During the summer months Aidan can be found kayaking and hiking in his favourite Albertan Rockies.

Aidan and Mia.jpeg
Friday, February 16, 2024 - Mattias Haydo, violin
Mattias Haydo.jpg

Mattias is a grade 8 student at McKernan School. He has been studying violin with Christina Barry since kindergarten. Mattias is a member of the Edmonton Youth Orchestra and previously played in the Music Enrichment Program orchestra. In addition to violin, Mattias is learning piano, trumpet, and most recently, timpani. Aside from music, Mattias enjoys badminton, taekwondo, downhill skiing, reading, and traveling.

Sunday, May 5, 2024 - Jessie Li, violin

Jessie Li goes to St. Boniface Fine Arts School. She has played violin since she was five years old. Aside from the violin, she is a big fan of science, art, and astronomy. In her spare time, she loves birdwatching, making origami, and collecting amazing things. She is also enthusiastic about movies, especially Sound of Music. In the future, she wants to become a scientist and a songwriter.

Sunday, June 2, 2024 - Niles Maj-Pfleger, violin
Niles Maj-Pfleger.jpg

Niles Maj-Pfleger is a grade twelve student at École Secondaire St. Albert Catholic High School. He has played the violin since the age of seven, and he also casually plays the piano, harpsichord, and oboe; he currently plays the violin in his second year with the Edmonton Youth Orchestra. In addition to music, Niles is working for the Alberta Legislature as a page. Next year, he will continue similar work at the House of Commons as he studies Political Science in the national capital region.

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