Emerging Artists

SACMS is excited to be able to offer performance and scholarship opportunities to young local emerging artists.

Each concert will begin with a performance by an accomplished student musician from the St. Albert area.  This gives the up and coming performers in the region valuable performing experience and the opportunity to be on stage in front of an audience.

Each student performer will receive an honorarium to encourage them to further their studies in music.

October 2017

Alicia Krips, french horn

Sixteen-year-old Alicia Krips has been surrounded by music her whole life. Her parents are both accomplished musicians, and she started to learn music at a very young age. Alicia has studied piano lessons with Nancy Watt since she was six years old, and french horn with Mary Fearon since she was fifteen. She completed grade 9 piano through the Royal Conservatory of Music in January, and earned the highest mark in basic harmony in the Edmonton region in 2016. In 2017, she placed first in the St. Albert Rotary Music Festival for brass, and went on to win second place at the Provincial Music Festival in the 16-and-under brass class. Alicia is a member of the Senior Edmonton Youth Orchestra, has played with Horns o’Plenty (a large horn choir), has participated in the University of Alberta honour band, and was chosen to play in the Alberta Wind Symphony. Alicia also performed as an emerging artist last season with the St. Albert Chamber Music Concert series on piano. Aside from music, Alicia enjoys reading, watercolour painting, and spending time with her dog.

November 2017

Mark Knoefel, violin

Mark-Olivier is a grade 12 student at Strathcona High School and has been playing the violin since the age of five. He recently completed his Royal Conservatory Grade 8 examination, and has received several awards and recognitions for his performances at the St. Albert Rotary Music Festival. His musical passion extends to other instruments, like the piano where he completed his RCM Grade 7 examination and also the trombone that he played in school band. Mark-Olivier has a great interest in mechanics and in his spare time works on cars and builds his go-kart. At his school he’s in the German bilingual program and is fluent in three languages. He plans to take engineering next year at the University of Alberta.

February 2018

Cassidy Nouanethong, violin

Cassidy has been playing the violin since the age of six. She had the highest mark for grade eight violin in Alberta last summer. Cassidy attends École Secondaire Sainte Marguerite d’Youville in St. Albert and is in ninth grade. Cassidy plays midfield on the St. Albert U15 Impact soccer team. She also plays violin as second chair in the intermediate Edmonton Youth Orchestra. Cassidy also plays the piano, oboe and clarinet. She enjoys photography and being with her friends.

March 2018

Aidan Lai, harpsichord

Aidan Lai has been playing the piano since the age of 5 and the violin since he was 8. Aidan has performed at the St. Albert Rotary Music Festival, the Contemporary Showcase, and the Provincial Music Festival.  He has won awards in both piano and violin. His other musical pursuits include performing in the Sir George Simpson Concert band and in the Edmonton Music Enrichment Orchestra.

April 2018

Braxton Boddez, piano

Braxton Boddez is a grade 5 student at Sturgeon Heights School.  He started playing piano at the age of five.  He has performed in the St. Albert Rotary Music Festival for the last five years and has received four scholarships including the Junior Piano Scholarship.  Braxton also enjoys playing hockey and baseball.  In his spare time he loves to read, play games and solve puzzles, especially Rubik’s Cubes. 


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